SaaS Solutions

A SaaS solution is a Software Deployment model that allows the users to access a specific application or module that is hosted by the vendor as needed. Software as a service (SaaS) is commonly used with a range of different software products. The primary feature of a SaaS solution is the licensing rules. Instead of purchasing an entire application as a unit or product, clients can purchase access rights instead.

The infrastructure required to run the type of software is significant, and often based on service oriented architecture (SOA). This type of structure creates packages for different functionality as inter-operable services or modules. Each client is free to activate the different services and expand its toolkit based on its own needs and schedule. The design ensures that each module functions as an independent unit, while integrating with the other aspects of the software.

Shopify & BigCommerce eCommerce Solutions

Shopify & BigCommerce are a very powerful SaaS based eCommerce platforms. Experts at eQuest Solutions, provide your business an edge by providing:

  • From scratch UI/UX Development for Shopify/BigCommerce
  • Theme Customization for Shopify/BigCommerce
  • Plugin creation
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Order fulfillment services Integration
  • Product Subscription Management System Integration